We cater our menu according to your budget while you film with us. Many big shot directors have cooked up their TVCs with our co-pro support.

The kitchen's showreel is star-studded with famous celebrities that shoot through our dining hall. Various Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippine and Korean pop-stars truly reflect the international buffet style of commercials that we can offer.

The Kitchen believes in having fun in filming, while offering good quality production for its clients. Send us your board, and let us cook it for you!


L'oreal Age Perfect x Twins
AXA 2020 Women's Campaign "The Manicurist"
AXA 2019 VHIS "Indecisive Peggy"
AXA 2019 VHIS Panic Ben
OSHC 2019
VIVO "Wide Angle and Night Shot"